Meet Our Research & Analysis Team

Our team of renowned market analysts and professional traders work round the clock to provide up to the minute market news coverage and actionable financial commentary in multiple languages. Recognised by the global industry community, IST Markets’ Research Team has been featured by world-leading publications and is seen as a reliable, one-stop information source for all types of insightful market analysis including daily and weekly briefs, quarterly outlooks, expert projections, technical setups and detailed reports.

Bassel Salloum

Marketing Specialist at IST Markets, Technical Analyst & Professional Trader

Bassel Salloum is an experienced trader, portfolio manager and senior technical analyst. Bassel is now a full-time currency trader and manages his own FX portfolio. Bassel dissects charts and sentiment to provide actionable trading opportunities across different asset classes. Specializing in technical market analysis and research with a focus on the Asian markets, his areas of expertise include forex, precious metals, commodities and global stocks. Bassel delivers daily morning briefs and real-time analysis during key market events via his daily webinars in English and Arabic , exclusively for IST Markets clients.

Razman Shah

Forex Trading Instructor at IST Markets

Trading instructor and experienced Portfolio Manager, Razman Shah has been working in the financial services industry for nearly 14 years. Razman is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of the markets, refining his own personal strategies and educating those interested in delving deeper into the world trading and investing. Razman went on to work for key-players and major brokers in the industry and was able to accumulate extensive knowledge in dealing operations and portfolio management. A keen entrepreneurial mind.

Jetson Takin

Business Development Manager at IST Markets, Technical Analyst & Professional Trader

Jetson Takin is an Indonesian analyst and full-time trader with extensive experience in the financial services industry. Focusing on market sentiment approach and price momentum, Jetson was able to devise highly effective trading strategies which he also shares in his personal publications. Jetson has worked as a commodity and CFD analysts for a number of reputable institutions while his research and analysis has frequently contributed to or has been featured by local and international media outlets. Jetson shares his exclusive market insights and expert projections in his market commentary in Indonesian language.

Mayas Ibrahim

Head of Operations Research at IST Markets, Fundamental Analyst & Financial Contributor

Mayas Ibrahim is a leading fundamental analyst of global economies and markets with over 5 years of experience in the financial industry. As a distinguished investments strategist, economist and financial contributor trusted by established economic institutions, His career spans high-profile positions in elite investment banks, international securities firms. Mayas Ibrahim has established himself as a global thought leader for IST Markets clients delivering insightful daily market briefs, exclusive projections and detailed overviews and reports.

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