Manage your Crypto & Funds in one place

with no Setup Costs.

Your IST Markets Money account seamlessly connects with your existing IST Markets investment account so you can instantly withdraw from it, enjoy zero USD-conversion-fee deposits, manage your crypto and funds in one place, and more—with no setup costs.

Your Account

Get an IST Markets wallet account to send and receive funds to your trading account. Convert to USD for free and save up to £5 for every £1,000 you deposit. Withdraw funds instantly from your IST Markets trading account.

Your Visa™ Debit Card

Spend your funds anywhere, anytime. Get highly competitive exchange rates, across the globe. Getting the IST Markets Money debit card is free with no setup costs or monthly fees.

Exclusively for IST Markets Club members

Your Secure IST

Built to hold your cash and wallet funds in one place, the IST Markets Portal is the hub of your IST Markets Money account, send, store, and receive cash and crypto, manage your card, and access exclusive features

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What is the IST Markets Money card, how am i able to use it?

The IST Markets Money card is linked directly to your secureIST. You can use it as you would any Visa debit card to pay and shop at home, online, and abroad with the highly competitive exchange rates.

What are the advantages of IST Markets Money ?

There are almost too many to list:

  • 1-Setting up a new account takes seconds with no fees.
  • 2-Instantly withdraw from the IST Markets investment platform.
  • 3-Save £5 for every £1,000 with fee-free deposits.
  • 4-Get a free Visa debit card.
  • 5-Manage transactions and make payments, anywhere, anytime with the app.
These are just some of the benefits of IST Markets Money. Check out the full list of program details below

Am I eligible for an IST Markets Money Account ?

The IST Markets Money account and card are currently only available to UK IST Markets Club members. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Club members are eligible for the Green Plan, and Platinum+ and Diamond Club members are eligible for the Black plan.

If you would like to become a club member, you can find out more about joining here.

What does "instant withdrawal" Means ?

“Instant withdrawal” means that you can transfer your available funds from the IST Markets investment platform instantly to your IST Markets Money account.

We offer instant withdrawals to most of our IST Markets Money customers. However, for various reasons including security requirements and procedures, some withdrawals may be only processed on the next business day.

How are the funds in my IST Markets Money account protected?

Whilst the IST Markets Money Account and card are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, we do safeguard customer funds in a regulated bank account, which is separated from any company money and held in trust. This means that if IST Markets Money went into liquidation or bankruptcy, no third-party would have a claim over it and it would be returned to you. Please see our T&Cs for further information.

How will IST Markets keep my funds and data Protected ?

IST Markets has been a reliable and regulated leader of the fintech industry for over a decade. Your security and privacy are our top priority. All funds will be protected using the best technology available and strict security protocols. We fulfill all the duties required by regulatory bodies to ensure your money is safeguarded. We will never share your private data without your permission.CopyTrader™, IST Markets most popular feature, allows you to view what real traders are doing in real time and copy their trading automatically. For more information about how CopyTrader works, click here.IST Markets also offers ready-made investment portfolios that you can copy, called CopyPortfolios™.

IST Markets LTD is registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under number: 24814 BC 2018