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1) What is the difference between an affiliate and an IB?

A) In the current financial services arena for affiliates and IB’s - they are considered to be very similar. The main difference being that affiliates usually own a website and may not have direct communication with clients and IB’s will be operating on a more personal level in direct contact with clients. All are considered ‘Partners’ here at IST Markets.

2) How do I become an IST Markets Partner?

A) Becoming a Partner is easy, to register you will need to follow the link: You will receive a commission from the trading activity of any clients that you introduce. Partners are paid $2 per standard lot on Raw Spread accounts and 0.4 pips per standard lot on Standard accounts. For further information regarding our Partners program please email

3) Do you also provide commissions for Indices and Cryptocurrencies?

A) Yes IST Markets offers remuneration for such instruments. Please reach out to our Partners team at to provide you with the fee entitlements.

4) Can Partners trade on behalf of clients?

A) No, clients must have full control of their trading accounts and trades

5) Can I introduce a family member?

A) As per the agreement you will not be entitled to payment of any fees, should you or any of your related parties wish to register under your referral link.

6) Where can I view our Partnership agreement?

A) Please contact our Partners team at and we will provide you with the agreement.

7) Can I change the base currency of my Wallet?

A) Currencies on the Wallet cannot be changed.

8) How do I refer clients and how would the process be tracked?

A) After your Partner status is approved, you will receive a welcome email with information including your referral link: e.g., (do not use this link it does not include the unique 4–5-digit ID). Following that you will receive a notification email informing you whenever a new client has successfully registered through your referral link and you will then be able to see it within your Secure Client area.

9) Can a client change the Partner on their account?

A) No. Our policy is that clients cannot change referrals on their account. They are requested to open a new profile with a different email address using the referral link of their choice

10) Do you provide any user guide for Partners?

A) Please check our Partners Portal User Guide →

11) Are there any countries IST Markets does not accept clients from?

A) Yes, we are able to provide you with list of the countries IST Markets does not accept clients from. If you wish to know more, please get in touch with


1) How can I see the clients I referred in my Secure Client Area?

A) Login to your Secure Client Area, click on ‘Partners Reports’ → Introduced Clients.

2) How will I know when a new client signs up?

A) Each time a client registers via your referral link you will receive a registration email confirmation that a client has signed up with the client details. To enable this option please go to Settings → Notify me about newly registered clients

3) How do I access my Partners Referral link?

A) Login to your secure area → Partners Reports → Promotional Materials → Text


1) How can I transfer/withdrawal money from my wallet?

A) You can transfer money from your Wallet to your live trading accounts via the Secure Client Area if it is enabled. If this is not enabled, you would be required to send an email to so we can enable it. A verification process is in place to allow this procedure.

2) Can I transfer money to my clients?

A) IST Markets does not allow 3rd party transfers, this transaction would need to be processed between yourselves directly.

3) Is the Partner commissions paid in real-time?

A) Please note that data is synchronized every day after the roll-over (server time).

4) How can I withdraw my Partner commissions?

A) You must first enter your ‘Withdrawal Details’ in your Secure Client Area. Then click on the ‘Withdraw Funds’ button →

5) Is there any requirement to withdraw my referral commissions?

A) You will be able to withdraw commissions once you have introduced a minimum of 5 active clients with a minimum deposit of $200 each. This is stated in the Agreement when partners sign up for the Partners program with IST Markets.

Promotional Materials

1) Do you have widgets?

A) Yes

  • → Login to your Secure Client Area
  • → Partners Reports
  • → Promotional Materials → Widgets
2) Where do I find IST Markets Logos?

A) Yes. Login to your Secure Client Area → Partner → Partners Reports → Promotional Materials → Logos

3) Where do I find IST Markets Banners?

A) Yes. Login to your Secure Client Area → Partner → Partners Reports → Promotional Materials → Banners

4) What are the IST Markets marketing guidelines?
5) How do I contact Partners team?

A) By email directly to or by phonecall on 971 4529 4233

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